Keep your talent pool “oven fresh”

Oven Fresh Jobs is a local/regional recruitment site linking employers and employees in the Finger Lakes. Born out of the frustration of employers with state of their recruitment and hiring efforts. Oven Fresh Jobs allows employers to more effectively recruit, getting them higher quality candidates and lowering their Cost Per Hire (CPH).

“With the consistently low unemployment rate in Tompkins County, we have seen an increasing number of businesses that are finding it hard to find good candidates to fill open positions,”  Said Chet Osadchey, VP/GM of the Cayuga Radio Group, the parent company of the new site. “The combination of radio along with this localized website allows candidates to efficiently and effectively look through job openings while simultaneously giving employers a stronger access to qualified applicants.”

Why it works for businesses:

  • The power of Radio and a digital site working together effectively and efficiently reaches the working professional.
  • Their job opening is not lumped in with low quality, “suspect jobs”, nor bundled with “canned” national jobs that clutter today’s websites.
  • Their recruitment campaign runs on a quality platform virtually eliminating the need to weed through low quality, out of town/out of State applicants.

Why it works for job applicants:

  • Efficient online search.
  • Attracts candidates to BETTER job opportunities than they currently have.
  • Attracts “word of mouth” via the power of RADIO.  Friends, family, and neighbors.
  • FINDS non-current job seekers…your BEST hire.

SECRET INGREDIENT – The Power of Radio. All promotion for Oven Fresh Jobs is weekly across 9 of the biggest radio stations in the Finger Lakes. So unlike every other job site, we are not only able to aggressively promote the site, we embed every ad with LOCAL, specific job listings. This simple element reaches into the local market to attract applicants often not currently seeking a new job.