Code Name: Monarch – Press Release

1751 Hanshaw Road, Ithaca, NY 14850             




Contact: Connie Fairfax Ozmun

Director of Marketing and Promotions



Cayuga Radio Group’s ‘Code Name Monarch’ program distributes 50,000 Seeds!


(Ithaca, NY)-Numerous studies over the past decade have shown that the Monarch Butterfly population has been in a steep decline.  Factors include: weather, pollution, and pesticides, but the largest factor is a lack of food habitat. This spring Cayuga Radio Group will once again run its “Code Name Monarch” program to help rebuild the butterfly’s food habitat.


“Our ‘Code Name Monarch’ program was a great success in 2015 and we want to do it again.  We estimate that we distributed over 100,000 seeds to some of our best local retail partners. Trip Pack ‘N Ship, P&C Fresh, Sam Peter Furniture, Hickey’s Music, and Dryden Agway.”  Said CRG Marketing Director Connie Fairfax-Ozmun.  “These businesses really supported the idea and helped facilitate real change by giving these locally sourced seeds to customers for free, in exchange for the request that they plant them.”


“Our listeners really stepped up and they will again this year.  They planted tens of thousands of local butterfly milkweed seeds,” said Cayuga Radio VP/GM Chet Osadchey, “these seeds will grow and provide a much needed food source for the Monarch.  This is a program about mass action that will result in a positive impact.”


Q Country Morning host Chris Allinger added: “It’s an oft overused cliché- but the idea that ‘together we can make a difference’ truly applies.” The seed packets are still available at the participating retailers for a short time:  Trip Pack ‘N Ship, Sam Peter Furniture, Hickey’s Music, P&C Fresh, Stonewall Wine & Spirits and Dryden Agway.