Popular Show “All Things Equal” wins NYS Broadcasters “Serving NY Award”


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, October 24, 2016
Contact: Chet Osadchey, President



Popular Show “All Things Equal” wins NYS Broadcasters “Serving NY Award”
(Ithaca, NY) – The “All Things Equal” radio show was the recipient of the prestigious “Serving New York” Award from the New York State Broadcasters Association at the Traditions at the Glen Resort and Hotel in Johnson City, on October 21st.

The NYSBA award recognizes the extraordinary efforts of New York State’s broadcasters in serving their public interest every day.

All Things Equal is a weekly radio show that is co-produced by Cornell University and the Cayuga Radio Group. The show features in depth conversations on race, class, diversity, sustainability, and other important issues.

Associate Vice President of Cornell Community Affairs Gary Stewart said about the award, “We are grateful that All Things Equal is being recognized with this award. Its roots were planted in 2008, when a series of race-related incidents in Ithaca led to important community forums organized by local leaders, including Cayuga Radio Group.”

“All Things Equal” airs every Tuesday morning on WHCU Radio (870AM, 95.9FM, online at whcuradio.com), and is rebroadcast on WNYY (1470AM and 97.7FM) as well as being recorded for podcast.

Previously recognized by the SUNY Council for University Advancement for outstanding interactive media, this award-winning show has been a steady resource for everyone of every background in Tompkins County, and has provided an opportunity for measured, 15minute conversations on sensitive issues that aren’t condensed into soundbites that can divide or dumb down, but rather nurture and forward.

The show is sponsored by Cornell University, The Cayuga Medical Center, Wegmans, and the The Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce.

Cornell University’s Office of Community Relations won the 2015 Martin Luther King, Jr. Peacemaker Award, and All Things Equal was cited as a major component for that award.
As the selection committee said, “This award, celebrating the life and work of Dr. King, is given to individuals or organizations who work non-violently for change, who bring people together to resolve differences and/or promote social justice, and whose work benefits the Tompkins County community.

“Over several years, Cornell University’s Office of Community Relations and its community partners have quietly led with the bedrock principles of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Peacemaker Award, by developing collaborative and progressive initiatives for the common good, under a broad and inclusive umbrella, and All Things Equal is part of that mix.” said Stewart.