Launch of Cayuga Transit

We are excited to announce the launch Cayuga Transit- a division of the Cayuga Radio Group.

Cayuga Transit starts with a multi-year partnership with Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit (TCAT). Cayuga Transit will be selling display advertising on and in the TCAT bus fleet. Inventory includes the approximately 50 buses.

The award-winning TCAT system is a highly valued transportation system in Ithaca and around Tompkins County. TCAT ridership and usage is strong, with buses delivering over 4 million rides and over 10 million passenger miles in an annual average year.

Transit advertising on consists of four primary inventory assets: Kings (Driver side), Queens (passenger side), Tails (back) and (interior) Rails.

As an advertising and marketing veteran, I have seen the tremendous synergy between radio and transit advertising. With this partnership, we have the ability to grow image and sales for our local and regional businesses. These two mediums deliver large reach and frequency together, and today’s high-quality graphics and design allow for creative, attention-getting messages into the market.

Our team has a strong understanding of the concepts of branding, effective read times, as well as having a creative department that knows how to bring these elements together for advertiser success.

TCAT has added several new buses this Spring which look great inside and out.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to receive a complete media kit. We are also happy to create custom programs, including ad design to show how your business can look both outsides and inside the buses!