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Cayuga Radio Group introduces SAFEtones

Audio “seal of approval” to be inserted into radio advertisements.

(Ithaca, NY) – The Cayuga Radio Group has introduced SAFEtones into select radio advertisements starting May 18th.

S.A.F.E. stands for Sanitized/Area/Face-protecting/Environment.  SAFEtones is a short two second audio tone inserted inside individual advertiser’s radio ads.  “Think of it like the Intel chime tones,” said Chet Osadchey, President and General Manager of the Cayuga Radio Group.  “SAFEtones gives our appropriate local advertisers the ability to say, ‘we are a business that is actively implementing compliant Covid healthcare practices for our customers’.   While at the same time it is giving our listeners extra assurances to shop these businesses.”

SAFEtones are included at no added cost to advertisers, however each business that uses the SAFEtones agrees and must actively implement proper Covid related safety protocols including:

  • Requiring all staff and customers to wear mask protection over the face and nose while shopping.
  • Implement guidelines for cleaning each day, throughout the day, and with each individual transaction.
  • Use 6-foot social distancing.
  • No eating in store (unless a business specifically established for such purpose).
  • Limited access to touching items.
  • Not admit anyone showing signs of sickness or compromised health.

Consumers learn about SAFEtones through an ongoing series of radio messages on the ten (10) Cayuga Radio Group radio stations, plus written notices on their websites, and direct explanations from their on-air personalities.  “I have been speaking about Covid practices and guidelines along with giving updates to my audience for two straight months.  I am confident that myself, and all our other great radio personalities can seamlessly weave the purpose and importance of SAFEtones into our daily conversations with our respective audiences said WIII-FM (I-100)’s Program Director Kat Walters.  “When you hear hundreds of ads branding the tones, listeners implicitly understand their meaning.”

“As audio branding continues to become both more common and important in a mobile society, simple and effective tools like SAFEtones will be equally important to connecting advertisers and audiences” said Operations Manager Chris Allinger.

For more information on SAFEtones, please contact Chet Osadchey.