By Chet Osadchey, President & General Manager


With Black Friday 2020 being shunned by consumers and health officials, the traditional holiday shopping patterns are changing…now.

Amazon already figured that out and fired Prime Day earlier than ever.  Sweeping billions off shopping dollars off the table far earlier that many would have projected.

Now, many of the “big box” stores have already fired the holiday advertising guns (both via traditional and digital media) in response.

Health officials now telling people to “stay home”, “shop online” starting this Thanksgiving week.

What’s a retailer to do?

1- Don’t sit back and assume shoppers will come.  If you don’t tell them, they won’t shop and spend.

2-Run LOCAL media ads.  Local media has the same vested interest as your business.  Local growth, local economic health.

3-LOCAL media offers far superior value.  CPM, added value, and human service.

4-The “secret sauce”…the creative.  The Big Box stores and online giants cannot respond to local offers by local businesses.  They count on local businesses assuming “they can’t compete”.  But they can.


Remember, money IS finite.  Once the holiday money is spent, its gone.  Make sure your business is tapping into maximum revenue now.


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