Are you ready for the business comeback?

By Chet Osadchey, President & General Manager

Covid cases are dropping, vaccinations are increasing.  As the good news continues, businesses will start increasing capacity while consumer confidence grows.  The real question is:  will your business be ready?  Here are a few tips.

1.  Get your business looking its best.  Your business should look as clean and fresh as it did they day it opened.  No excuses.

2.  Re-train your staff on how to interact with customers.   Sounds easier than it is.  Remember your staff has been out of practice in face to face customer interactions.

3.  Appreciate the customer.  Consumers have grown all too comfortable with the online transactions of the last year.  Let them feel the love.

4.  Reward the consumer.  A coupon, a gift, and the oft overlooked genuine smile and handshake…err….fist bump.

We can help you and your business in this important transitional time.

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