Q4 Cayuga Radio Group Newsletter

Q Trip:

For over 20 years, Chris Allinger of Q Country has hosted an annual trip through AAA Travel. It’s incredibly unique for a radio station to be part of a trip where an average of over 200 people take part in it!  It is a testament to the power of radio medium, the trust and loyalty of a radio station and personality, and the ability to turn it into a VALUED brand for consumers.  This year, the AAA trip is to Puerta Vallarta!




He Said She Shed is BACK!

We’ve brought back one of our most popular promotions this year because the audience loved it so much previously…they wanted it to happen again!  It’s the “He Said, She Shed” promotion which includes the giveaway of a shed from West Creek Structures, a Vacation Chair package, case of wine, winter shovel, rake, garden hoe, gloves, water can, a DeWalt brushless impact driver kit, and even a $200 carpet certificate towards flooring.  The contest ends at the end of October and will surpass 15,000 entries.  Why is the contest so popular?  For one- it’s fun!  Secondly, it appeals to our radio group’s core listener demo- HOMEOWNERS!



Radio Engineering:  Tech on the cutting edge!

Cayuga Radio continues to expand its reach capabilities to our local and regional audiences.  Our group consists of ten (10) radio stations powered by fifteen (15) radio signals.  Wait?  15 signals?  Yes! We have two AM stations (News Talk WHCU and Pure Oldies) that we brought to the FM dial for added reach.  We have four additional FM music stations of which three have additional FM frequencies to enhance coverage areas.  All of the stations with the exception of one also broadcast in HD (digital) radio allowing us to put an additional four (4) of our HD stations (Vine, Alt, Buzzer, and Rewind) onto FM frequencies with FM translators.  We currently have several of our largest stations streaming online and plan to add the remaining stations in Q1 2023.  What’s the point?  Sometimes radio gets labeled as a legacy medium that’s not technologically forward.  The opposite is true.  Radio continues to have excellent audience reach over the core medium while still EXPANDING reach with today’s technological enhancement opportunities.


Brand The Brain

In Q1 2023, we will be conducting our 12th annual branding survey for local and regional businesses.  The program we call “Brand the Brain” polls over 700 people and covers over 40 local and regional business categories.  The survey has proven to be incredibly accurate and extremely valuable for area businesses to see who the leaders and laggards are, how mature the business category is, and leads to our ability to offer strategic ideas and insight in order for these businesses to not only compete…but win!



Football on Cayuga radio!

Our 2022 football packages sold-out this year.  Clients are smiling with their fingers crossed as both our NFL teams we broadcast are 5-1.  The Buffalo Bills were a pre-season favorite to win the Superbowl, but the New York Giants have been a pleasant surprise to many.  It’s still a long season and anything can happen, but we all have football fever!  Radio is a great medium for football.  Announcers are “team” announcers, as opposed to rotated announcers on national TV.  No one knows the team, the players, and plays better than local radio announcers.  They are skilled at “painting the images” of the game with their words and capturing the excitement of the home team skillfully.  One of the most unique parts of football broadcasts on radio are the complete pre-game and post-game shows.  These feature interviews, and post-game locker room press conferences as well as the popular phone calls from listeners!  Football fans love it!


Serving New York award winner!

The Cayuga Radio Group was recently awarded a prestigious Serving New York Award by the New York State Broadcasters Association for its commitment to Hospicare’s Women Swimmin’ event.   Hospicare & Palliative Care Services teamed up with Cayuga Radio Group for this important fundraising event. Women Swimmin’ brings together over 400 women in August who leave the east shore of Cayuga Lake and swim west to the Ithaca Yacht Club (a distance of 1.2 miles). Each swimmer donates the money they raise through the support of their sponsors.  About 200 boaters volunteer to escort participants along the way and 150 more volunteers support them on the shore. It truly is a community event!

Cayuga Radio Group promoted this event with a media campaign that included PSA messages, interviews, event listings on our Ithaca Lifestyle Website, and onsite support. Together, the efforts raised over $603,000 in funding.




We completed our final live job fair of 2022 in September.  Over 450 candidates attended along with over 40 area employers.  Recruitment of qualified employees remains one of the largest challenges of our area businesses.  Our Oven Fresh Jobs LIVE Job Fair has consistently been the top recruitment source for a wide variety of employers.  It’s important to understand why.  First and foremost, radio reigns supreme in reaching WORKING people.  People driving to and from work and at work.  These candidates are the highest valued.  Our events have two entry points- simple booth packages, and packages that add radio- which has been ideal for multiple openings and hard to fill positions.  Unemployment has remained low and our next job fair is scheduled for January 26th, 2023, at the Shops at Ithaca Mall.  We limit the number of employers to 40, and this gives each participant a great chance of finding their next perfect hire.  For more information, just contact your Cayuga Radio representative.

In the news:


Netflix next step:

As we predicted, many audio and video companies who offered both subscription (monthly consumer cost+ no ads) and a free model with advertising has been challenging.  Netflix recently introduced a “new pricing tier”, now charging consumers $6.99 monthly AND running ads.  How will this go over when consumers – who are PAYING – expect to not see ads?  On a call prior to the ad tier announcement, Netflix Worldwide Advertising President Jeremi Gorman said the platform “nearly sold out all of its [ad] inventory” globally for launch- which we can assume means that paying consumers will be seeing a decent number of ads!  In the last year, Netflix stock has fallen from $690 per share to $239, shedding $307,180,000,000 in value.  Yes, you are reading that right!   To me, this helps highlight the trust relationship of local radio with their audiences.  The free value component of radio has never wavered, and listeners love it.  And that meets their expectations for ads from local and regional businesses.  Won’t be the case when you pay monthly on Netflix and STILL get ads (PS:  how many ads?  Hmmm.)