I need to hire people!

Recruitment continues to be one the toughest challenges for local and regional companies.  Unemployment in Tompkins and Cortland County has always been lower than NYS as whole and national averages.  Add to it Covid, work from home, work from anywhere, early retirements and more…and employers find themselves pulling their hair(s) out trying to get fully staffed.  There is no magic solution, but there are smart strategies that will help companies find good, qualified people,,,and in ways that can do it far more cost-effectively than many of the methods currently being applied.

To start, employers need to recognize that in times of low-unemployment, the BEST candidates are ALREADY WORKING.  They might want to switch to your opportunity, for a variety of reasons.  Better pay, nicer boss, more attractive hours, perks, friendly coworkers…the reasons are all individually based.  Where can you reach those people?  On AM/FM radio.  Radio indexes well with people driving to work, at work, and coming home from work.  They are LOCAL people, like your job.

Making the radio commercial is not hard, but it does take thought.  Pay, vacation, 401-k….great, but every employers has those items too.  What are your company’s NTB’s?  Non- traditional  benefits.  company picnic?  Taco Tuesday?  Monthly contests?  Ice cream socials?  Come on!  Get creative…and sell it.

Finally- look at Oven Fresh Jobs…..the next live job fair is coming Thursday April 27th to the Shops at Ithaca Mall from 9a-1pm.  There will be 40 employers there meeting face to face with candidates.  The event is promoted by the 10 stations of the Cayuga Radio Group which allows for a massive amount of impresisons to potential job seekers.  And that media is what it will take to bring people out.  These events offer the LOWEST CPH (cost per hire) anywhere.

For more information and to be a part of the event, call 607-257-6400.