We Provide the BEST On-Air Product

The Cayuga Radio Group is made up of nine outstanding radio stations that are leaders in the Finger Lakes market. CRG strives to present the best on air product, provide the best customer service before, during and after the sale and to execute flawless promotions.

Why You Should Be Using Radio to Advertise


Keep your talent pool “oven fresh”

Oven Fresh Jobs is a local/regional recruitment site linking employers and employees in the Finger Lakes. Born out of the frustration of employers with state of their recruitment and hiring efforts. Oven Fresh Jobs allows employers to more effectively recruit, getting them higher quality candidates and lowering their Cost Per Hire (CPH). “With the consistently low unemployment […]



We banned the cold

Classic Rock I-100 announced a ban on “cold” on the weekday “Classic Mornings” show until further notice. Morning personality Kat Walters has decided to bar some popular songs as a result. Some songs that will be omitted from the morning show include such classics as “She’s So Cold” by The Rolling Stones, “Cold As Ice” […]

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